Kira crochet: triangular
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Prikazani su postovi s oznakom triangular. Prikaži sve postove
Prikazani su postovi s oznakom triangular. Prikaži sve postove

Crocheted scheme no. 783

A large tablecloth motif flakes

Simple motifs of which can make the curtain, blanket, scarf, pillow ...

The motive of flowers

The triangular motif with three flowers

 Motif I made the merger of three small flower.
Then I added about three rows like a little edge.



 Combining several of these flowers can make a napkin,
 tablecloth, blanket, scarf ...


Crochet a similar flower you can see the next video.

At the flower from my last petal motifs are in the top three chains

Scheme no. 92

 The triangular scarf

This scarf begin with the longest pages and then
 gradually reduce to the top.
The scheme is a lightweight, scarf can be done in a day or two.

Scheme no. 90

The triangular scarf

 If you do not have much free time this is an excellent scarf for you.

Scarf begin crochet from the lower tip and expand until
 we reach the desired size.
Scarf is so simple that it can be completed in one day.

Small napkin

The small napkin of triangular motifs

Lots of small motifs in drawing creates a central star. 

This little napkin is completed in about two to three hours. 
Easy to work, it is nice for women who are just learning to crochet.