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Prikazani su postovi s oznakom video. Prikaži sve postove
Prikazani su postovi s oznakom video. Prikaži sve postove

Crocheted scheme no. 783

A large tablecloth motif flakes

Simple motifs of which can make the curtain, blanket, scarf, pillow ...

The combination of pineapple and flowers

Two pineapple and with various flowers

 Video for this motive

At the same channel can be viewed and video crochet pineapple and accompanying flowers.

Round motif in colors

Motif as a coaster and small ornaments

The motive is very simple to do.
It can be done in less than half an hour.

If you like this motive under you have the scheme and the video.
Try to do it  :)

Three variants of one flower

The base of a flower is identical.
The difference is in the strands through the 
petals which operate differently.
For the first variant already have video and 
for other will be soon.

Alternative A

Alternative B

 Alternative C

I hope you like flowers

The motive of flowers

The triangular motif with three flowers

 Motif I made the merger of three small flower.
Then I added about three rows like a little edge.



 Combining several of these flowers can make a napkin,
 tablecloth, blanket, scarf ...


Crochet a similar flower you can see the next video.

At the flower from my last petal motifs are in the top three chains

Decorative flower motif

Crochet flower 16

Upper flower in the middle of a small motif

How i crocheted this flower can see in this video.

The motive in the form of a flower

Start Make a circle as on video
- Or a circle of eight chain stitch.
1. In the circle crochet 
 6 x ( 2double crochet +2 chain stitch)
2. crochet  
6 x ( 2double crochet +2 chain stitch+ 2double crochet )
3. The chain stitch from the previous row 
crochet 8 double crochet
4. Motif tour around with single crochet.

Crochet flower 13

This flower is composed of a circular ring
First crochet 13 chain stitch and then within 
30 crochet double crochet.
As in the video chain running through the previous 
ring and crochet new ring.
Crochet a dozen or more rings and rolled up into a flower.

Decorative spiral ribbons

Strip begin crocheting chains.
Length chains determines the length of the strips.
Strip is best done with a large needle knitting because of the length.
After crochet necklace strap on the end of the thread so 
the next thread 
run it through the chain, it is constantly repeated.
Following the order of finish connecting the two strands 
into one to end.
All of this can be viewed at the following video.